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There are two sculptures of the Marvel character, the Silver Surfer in the niches of the arch. These were made in 2011 by Lesley Ash.

The Silver Surfer was a character that David Hood identified with and even had his coffin decorated with images from the Marvel comics. Why? The quote he used to sum the character up on the Order of Service for his funeral was “…there is no sadder or more noble being than the Silver Surfer! And certainly none so alone”.

The trustees always had wanted to include the Silver Surfer somewhere in the wood, and the building of the arch with its niches provided the ideal spot.

Les is one of the trustees of the wood, and has been since it started. She knew David well and was the obvious choice for the job.

She initially modelled the figure out of clay - poised for action on the board bursting through the back of the niche. This also enabled the sculpture to be bolted to the wall. From the figure she was then able to cast it in aluminium.

The sculpture in clay Silver surfer modelled in clay


Bursting through the back of the niche Bursting through the back of the niche


front view

"Toss" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -
Silver Surfer comic cover