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the slate seating and table

In 2005 the trust commissioned a local stone carver, Teucer Wilson, to design and construct some seating for the amphitheatre created by the mound. The spot is a secluded one, sheltered from the wind and passers by and we thought it would provide a nice area to picnic and sit and be.

Teucer Wilson trained as a stonemason and architectural carver at Weymouth College in Dorset, before working for five years at the Richard Kindersley Studio in London. He moved to Norfolk to set up his own workshop in June 2000. He works almost entirely to commission, producing a wide range of work including carving, signage, memorials, lettering and more sculptural outdoor pieces.

Teucer received a Crafts Council Development Award in 2001.

His website for more information is

fixing1T Arrival on site

Teucer designed the seating to work in harmony with the mound. A central point for the curve was found and the seats and ‘table’ were designed to fit with that accordingly which explains why the ‘table’ is a little way away from the seats.

It is made from the finest quality Welsh slate. Fine rubbed to a smooth finish that is nice to touch and warms up in sunlight creating an irresistible hot seat

Setting out the slate field2T