A boggy meadow has taken shape in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Dawn Chorus Walk

* We were privileged to take part in Suffield Open Gardens, along with some real   garden treasures that had lovingly being created and tended to look like small   paradises in North Norfolk.

* The Owl on the gate was finally fixed so that its wings beat again.

  * 25 people booked onto another Dawn Chorus walk with 33 birds being   identified including a Linnet, Dunnock, Chiffchaff and a Reed bunting.


2014 progress image * North Walsham Garden Centre invited us along their Apple Day to spread the   word of the wood's existence. . We had a fun filled activity stall completed with   apple printed bunting, 'William Tell' hit the apple on the tree game, and   information of how to grow mistletoe.
* A much more successful moth evening with Norfolk Moths recording 58 species.

  * We hold our first Dawn Chorus walk with the expert from Sheringham Park   complete with bacon butties in the Village Hall.

  * We were chosen as one of the charities featured by Waitrose who raised an   amazing £300.


2103 progress snow scene

* To give a home to the resident owl, we put an owl box up in one of perimeter    trees.

* Norfolk Moths recorded a nationally scare moth, Phyllonorycter dubitellaat in
at a Moth Evening. Unfortunately poor weather meant there wasn't a high   turnout of folk.



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Hard landscaping begins – construction of path and ?, removal of earth mounds, and pond scrape
The first trees are planted, to see the photos of the Planting Days please use the link to the Projects & Events page
where you will find a link to the Planting Days Photos.

Bird, owl and bat boxes erected
Website up and running
Ifnotnow.when logo designed
Temporary planning permission granted (until October 2009)

12 May 2002 first trustee meeting
Ifnotnow.when charitable trust established
Botanical and contour surveys completed