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The Trust commissioned Rachael Long, based in Wreningham, to create a piece of work for the wood.

We felt that her work, using industrial and agricultural scrap, mainly iron and steel, redundant machine parts was in keeping with David’s interest and use of architectural salvage.

         I am fascinated by the skeleton and musculature of animals and
         birds. My challenge is to try and transform redundant machine parts
         Into a form that conveys the essence of living creatures.
Rachael Long

We decided upon an owl as they have roosted and flown across the field for years.

The idea was to make a kinetic sculpture for one of the gate post of the wood. Rachael worked in partnership with a skilled engineer to design the owl.
A neighbour of the field, Sid, then designed and constructed the self-closing mechanism for the gate so all work in perfect harmony, well almost.

Rachael’s work has been exhibited recently at the Norfolk Show, the Bergh Apton Sculputre Trail and Art on the Edge. Please see her website for more information

The Owl in action
Rachel pulling ropes

Rachael pulling ropes

Owl sculpture

The Owl sculpture installed - it moves when the gate opens