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These are the objectives of the INNW Trust as stated in our application to the Charity Commissioners:

Objective 1. To establish a woodland in North Norfolk...

Objective 2. To improve the landscape, including....

Objective 3. To provide a space for North Norfolk educational and...

Objective 4. To create a memorial area....

Objective 5. To plant trees wherever appropriate and...

Objective 1.

To establish a woodland in North Norfolk for the benefit of the community in order to provide a new opportunity for public access.

David Charles Hood was well known in his local Norfolk environment and knowing he was dying of cancer approached many friends and acquaintances about the If Not Now When project. Some of these people are now Trustees and some are Advisors. They are in contact with and will provide access to a wider network of individuals and NGOs who want to help design, plant, maintain and use the woodland. This local involvement from the very start of the Trust will help ensure the wood is designed and managed in accordance with local public needs.

The Trust has sufficient funds to provide tools, trees, and labour to ensure the establishment and essential management of the wood with the locals providing the motivation and involvement to ensure its proper long-term use and care by the local community. Several of the Trustees have experience in woodland creation and management and are in regular contact with local authority foresters and local forestry managers at nearby National Trust woodlands. Other trustees have experience in draining and ditching and will be able to check the progress of drainage of the site and the integration of the pond into the overall woodland design.

Activities will include community liaison and involvement at all stages of the project through public meetings at the local village hall; design and planning of the site; drainage and construction of footpaths, construction of small car and bike park; repair and maintenance of two public entry/exit points; local public tree-planting events; tree management.

A tractor and fully equipped tool-shed is already on the site and forms part of the Trust's assets.

Objective 2.

To improve the landscape, including a new pond, and to create and encourage new wildlife habitats.

The site has a small stream running through it. The trustees will consult with various experts in the North Norfolk and Norfolk Councils as well as with those from local NGOs to plan a pond. Local wildlife groups will also be involved in the establishment and maintenance of new wildlife habitats. Local ecologists and the nearby school will be involved in building and placing bird and bat boxes as well as plantings to encourage insects and a wide diversity of wild-life.

Objective 3.

To provide a space for North Norfolk educational and arts projects.

The Head-teacher of the local primary school is one of the Trust's Advisors and had already discussed plans to use the wood, pond and grassland for a) scientific projects like ecological surveys (plotting the change in species as the new habitats get established), pond dips, natural wildlife observations and b) social/arts projects like outside performances (song/dance/theatre) and art work.

A local artist has agreed to design and build a labyrinth and to run local workshops. Other locals will work with children and youth in the nearby village to construct a tree-house with a sunset and star viewing platform on one of the old trees already on the site.

There are various quantities of old farm machinery, iron-mongery and masonry on the site that will provide the raw materials for art installations. Outdoor musical instruments will be built for special musical projects.

All of these plans will be further discussed with various members of the local community who will be drawn into the projects. A web-site is planned so that locals (children and adults) can be involved in the collaborative implementation and recording of their ideas and actions. Various people have already volunteered to video the process of transformation from individual field to community woodland.

Objective 4.

To create a memorial area where trees can be planted or dedicated in memory of departed friends and loved ones.

One particular part of the wood will be set aside for a memorial area where locals can plant their own tree seeds or young trees. Advice and help will be provided for this. This area will be integrated into the overall plan of the wood see Objective 1 above.

Objective 5.

To plant trees wherever appropriate and to produce a sustainable supply of woodland products and timber by managing the woodland in ways consistent with the foregoing Objectives.

Appropriate tree species will be planted according to whether they are destined for the wet, dry, windy or sheltered parts of the site. Some open areas will be left for education projects, art installations and pond. The wood will be managed to ensure a sustainable supply of hazel, willow and other timber to provide materials for the maintenance of boundary markers, signs, footpaths, stiles and benches on the site. Some fruit and nut trees will be included in the plantings so that visitors can enjoy eating from them as they pass through the woodland.