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Suffield's own Labyrinth

Part of David Hood's vision for the If Not Now, When Community Wood, was that it should contain a labyrinth.

A labyrinth is not a maze; there is no way to get lost. Its single pathway leads through many twists and turns to the centre. They were once a common feature of English village greens and are now experiencing a worldwide revival as laces of reflection and meditation as well as of play and curiosity.

The pattern of a Classical or Cretan Seven Circuit labyrinth as now been marked on the turf of the field and on Sunday 17 April we demarcated its lines by digging narrow trenches and filling them with chalk aggregate.

Tchenka Jane Sunderland, one of whose labyrinth designs can be found in the cloisters of Norwich Cathedral was be on hand to answer questions about the history and use of this magical space.

Thank you to all the people who attend who rallied round and got the job done:
Les Ash, Wendy Bainham, David Jones, Tim Jones, Graham Morris, Tchenka Jane Sunderland, Belle Wiley

Some pictures of the labyrinth construction:

Graham helping to dig out the labyrinth

Click on the image to see a much larger version...


Working on the labyrinth

Tchenka and Wendy at work
shifting the material for the labyrinth


The finished labyrinth

Tchenka walking the labyrinth


The finished labyrinth framed by the recently planted trees.

Looking towards the mound