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Architectural Features

David collected, and sold, architectural salvage. Many of the barns you see on Brick Kiln Lane now converted, housed doors, bricks, window frames and interesting architectural features and oddments.

He kept some of the most interesting pieces for a use at a later date. That date never came so the Trust decided to re-construct them into some architectural features on site at the woodland..

The Arch

The stones of the arch were salvaged from a demolished chapel on St Stephen's Square in Norwich. You can still see the foundation stone still in its original place.

The Trust had them cleaned and a new key stone carved. It was a difficult job to reconstruct the arch as a free standing structure and thankfully we found local Master Craftsman, Dougie Whitwood, who could do the job in 2010.

Group image arch b

Arch part built and Dougie the builder



The Pergola

The pillars for these were salvaged from Fakenham Maltings. Again Dougie Whitwood was able to construct them into the structure you see today. Coincidentally, Dougie was at the original sale of the pillars and decided not to buy them and left David to bid on the auction lot. He would never have guessed that he would be using them 30 years later.


Pergola construction 1st stage